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The port of Rotterdam is teeming with activity, and has been for the last five centuries. People here work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep up prosperity in the Netherlands. We play a crucial role for the Netherlands, but are also an example to the rest of the world. That is why we not only put all of our energy into the port, but also get an increasing amount of sustainable energy out of it.


Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, and is also well on its way to becoming the cleanest port in the world. We have plenty of expertise in the area of renewable energy, CO2 reduction and capture, and we use this knowledge to invest further into alternative energy forms. We even use our residual heat to provide heating for the residents of Rotterdam.


During the World Port Days, you can see how we will become the cleanest port. You will learn about many innovations that are ushering in a cleaner era for the port of Rotterdam. And of course the fantastic programme in and around the water will also give you lots of energy. Experience the energy of the port of Rotterdam. Energize!


Principal Sponsors

Port of Rotterdam Authority

‘The World Port Days demonstrate how multi-faceted and fascinating the Port of Rotterdam is. The activities near the Erasmusbrug give visibility to the Port in the heart of the city. Those who take an excursion to one of the many companies at the port experience what goes on at the port and the kind of work that is offered by the port.’

Visit the website of the Port of Rotterdam Authority

Allard Castelein
President and CEO, Port of Rotterdam Authority


Rotterdam Festivals

‘Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to the World Port Days every year. During this maritime weekend we celebrate the port city of Rotterdam. It is also one of the most important event weekends in Rotterdam. The international port installations in the city, the impressive vessels, the spectacular entertainment on the waterfront and in the city centre; Rotterdam can rightfully be proud if this.’

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Johan Moermanrotterdam-festivals

Johan Moerman
Managing Director, Rotterdam Festivals


Royal Netherlands Navy

‘The Port of Rotterdam cannot function without safety at sea. A safe sea is important for foreign trade, a historic pillar for the prosperity of the Netherlands. The Navy-Marine Corps Team of the Royal Netherlands Navy ensures security and safety at and from the sea, both far away and closer to home.

The navy keeps sea trade routes open in the waters near Somalia by combating piracy. Mariner units are also used extensively to provide combat power in the fight against drug, human, and arms trafficking. Closer to home, the navy is also tasked with keeping the sea, the coastal waters, and the ports free from explosives and with supporting the larger Dutch ports during increased security threats to ensure that port activities can continue and to prevent large-scale damage to the economy. The Royal Netherlands Navy is available 24/7 for your safety and for the safety and security of the Dutch economy.’

Visit the website of the Royal Netherlands Navy


Lieutenant-colonel Royal Netherlands Marine Corps Jan ten Hove
Commander of the Van Ghent Barracks, Rotterdam


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Sabine Bruijnincx – Directeur

Froukje Fikkers –  Projectleider

Rosalie de Paepe – Projectleider

Erik Schilderman – Projectleider

Regine Wittenberg – Office Manager


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